TDC62 Bandung, Indonesia

Design Talk 01

Wednesday 22 November 2017


Aswin Sadha / Thinking Form @thinkingform
Aesthetic In Typography

Aswin Sadha is a multidisciplinary design practice with his detailed work, based on honest, simple, enduring, communicative and useful solutions. He is from Bandung, Indonesia. He continued his studies in the United States after earning an Associate of Interior Design degree in 2004, he continued his studies in the field of Communication Design.

While joining STUDIO NEWWORK, she earned several prestigious awards at national and international level. In 2011, Aswin invited AIGA as a guest speaker at Lecture 60 Years of Book Design in St.Gallen. He also wrote an introduction to Page Unlimited: Innovations in Layout Design. In 2012, Aswin established the Thinking Form design studio, which specializes in print and web design that stands on the idea of ​​Modernism and information for education, inspiration, and history.

Design Talk 02

Saturday 25 November 2017


Eric Widjaja / Thinking*Room @thinkingroominc
Gumpita Rahayu / Tokotype @tokotype

Typography Implementation in Graphic Design

Eric Widjaja is the founder behind Thinking*Room, a Jakarta-based graphic design company that is inspired by the limitless potentials of an idea. Known for pushing the limits, Thinking*Room have gained many of the clients trust to focus on total designs and concepts solutions. As they continue to focus on art direction, branding, concept development, logo identity, typography, environmental design, print, publishing, packaging, way-finding and website design, they have mastered an important power to move people through their designs.

Gumpita was one of the graphic designers in Indonesia who concentrate on digital type designs, he also teach and talk about typography to supporting any level of education, through lectures at several local University or an Organization. Gumpita published several type family globally on his own digital type foundry, Tokotype with the authentic typographic style for today graphic design industry. Until now, he serve most of his time as full time type designer.

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Maranatha Christian University

Jalan Prof. Drg. Surya Sumantri No.65

Bandung, Jawa Barat. Indonesia

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